Meditation – Zitat des Tages

Wenn du in großer Not bist, so rufe aus der Tiefe deines Herzens nach der Hilfe Gottes. Bete inbrünstig, so wirst du Seiner Hilfe, Seines Trostes, seines Friedens teilhaftig werden und innere spirituelle Stärke erreichen.
– Swami Sivananda –

2 Kommentare zu “Meditation – Zitat des Tages

  1. Premayjoti

    Hello Andreas,
    in my opinion,
    Swami Shivananda wrote a lot of books!
    For all kind of aspirants,
    maybe that text was for a man, who wants to get rid of temptations, to go in Brahmacharya…
    In other books he wrote advices for man to tread their wifes as a Goddess and to see God in them.
    Sometimes Masters are very sharp and clear
    and they make different kinds of statements, it depends on the students.
    We are all on the same path to God but on different levels.
    Om Shanti

  2. andreas mamet

    I read in a Sivananda book that he recommeded to look at women like they are dead meat in order to not be tempted by them. That was in book by himself. What do you think about that?
    Andreas Mamet

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