English Newsletter March 08

Dear Yoga-friend,
here our Yoga Vidya English Newsletter with informations about Yoga and the programs of the Yoga Vidya Ashrams.
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It has been a few years since our last English Newsletter.
We want to make the English Newsletter a regular feature.
Please feel free to send this Newsletter to your friends. Thank you for recommendations.

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1. Yoga Vidya English Internet Pages updated. More…
2. Yoga Vidya Videos online
During the last few months we have put a lot of Videos into the Internet.
You can check them out in youtube. To just see the english Videos, click here…

3. English Yoga Teachers’ Training Course
This Summer Swami Atma will give a Yoga Teachers Training Course July 13-August 10. It is a great experience: You will make considerable progress in your Yoga practice. You will enter into deeper realms of spiritual development. And of course: You will learn very thouroughly how to teach beginners, intermediate, advanced students, how to design beginners courses, open classes and Workshops. And it is something very special to learn with a wonderful teacher in the spiritual atmosphere of an Ashram. More…
Some students have written about their experience of the course last year. You can read this here

4. English Seminars in Yoga Vidya Ashrams
Klick here to find out about the many English Seminars at Yoga Vidya You find them here:

5. Mantras in the Internet as mp3 Files
The Chanting of Mantras is a very powerful tool for opening the heart, activating the Chakras and opening inner knowledge.
We have uploaded a lot of Mantras as mp3 Files. You can download them freely more… To listen to some of the Mantras klick here

This was the first Yoga Vidya English Newsletter of 2008. here will be future editions of this Newsletter every 1-3 months. Please feel free to give your comments. Please let me know what you would be interested in in these Newsletters.

I wish you all the best, Yours, Sukadev

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