International Week: Yoga Vidya welcomes English-speaking aliens to the family

“Unity in Diversity” is Yoga Vidya’s theme for the first international week from April 7 to April 14, 2023 in Bad Meinberg. In lectures, yoga classes, and satsang, guests from the EU and all over the world are invited to contribute to the shift from “I” to “we.” The purpose of the gathering is the appreciation of a fundamental global connectedness, through which a common future becomes possible in the face of current crises.

Let’s globalize spiritually

“Making the feeling of togetherness tangible and reflecting on what connects us across national borders these days is something I consider one of our most important tasks,” emphasizes Sukadev Bretz, founder and director of the non-profit yoga association. “In recent years, it has become clear how connected we all are, even when we are separated from each other.

It’s about fostering empathy for each other, building personal skills, strengthening the competencies of subsystems and finding overarching solutions. Yoga offers excellent tools for this.” The international week aims to put these intentions into action.

What to Expect during International Week

Speakers from the USA, Spain, India and the EU will dedicate themselves daily in two satsangs, two lectures, two yoga classes, several mantra concerts, kirtan singing, rituals and meditations to their very own visions of the idea of unity and put them up for debate. Among other things, topics from Advaita Vedanta, integral Hatha Yoga, Ayurveda, mindfulness, psychotherapy and Tantra will be addressed in both theory and practice.

Through informal exchange, conversations and music in the circle of the spiritual community, the unifying feeling of humanity, the growing compassion for each other, should continue to flourish and both deepen the friendships that have grown in part over many years and help to make new encounters possible.

Welcome to …

We welcome all people from Germany and abroad in Bad Meinberg. With your personal interest we can help building a new path for humanity based on cooperation and understanding between cultures, religions, social, economic and political realities.

Ready to celebrate our unity? Hanging out with likeminded aliens? Then go ahead and go to…

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