Europäischer Yogakongress: Feedback und Fernsehbericht

Anbei eine Email einer unserer Kongressreferentinnen, Didi Sudesh, Leiterin der Brahma Kumaris Europa.


Auch der WDR hat über uns berichtet (ab Minute 15:34)


Dear brother Sukadev and Yogateam,

thank you for your hospitality. We really enjoyed our stay with all of you and were fully satisfied. It was so well organized. The staff so sweet and co-operative. The house comfortable and the atmosphere beautiful. The program with a large variety and many possibilities. And it was a very good opportunity to meet souls from all different areas.

It is a good news that all the lectures are available in youtube, so that all those who could not attend personally take benefit through this.

We also would like to mention that we liked very much the cleanliness of the house and bathrooms.

Thank you for everything and all the best

Didi Sudesh, BK Simone, BK Rita

1 Kommentar zu “Europäischer Yogakongress: Feedback und Fernsehbericht

  1. Haripriya-ramani

    ich bin sehr sehr dankbar, ihr begegnet zu sein. Nun hoffe ich, das ihr Vortrag noch online gestellt wird, damit viele davon inspiriert werden. Sie ist großartig <3
    om shanti

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