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Yoga Fish Asana Variations

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Matsyasana, the Yoga fish pose, in different variations for beginner, intermediate and advanced yoga practioners: Find out, which posture is best for you. Carlotta demonstrates the basic Asana, shows variations for hand positions, leg positions, head positions. She shows you how to modify if you have neck or back problems.

Sukadev Bretz, director of Yoga Vidya Germany, guides you through these Hatha Yoga Asanas. More infos on international Internet Yoga Community

Advanced Shoulderstand

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Shoulderstand, Plough, Bridge, Wheel and Fish advanced variations. Sarvangasana, Halasana, Sethu Bandhasana, Chakrasana and Matsyasana harmonise the sun and moon energies, enabling peace of mind and inner joy. These Hatha Yoga Asanas are performed by Narayani, coauthor of “Sivananda Companion to Yoga”, advanced Yoga practicioner and Yoga Master based in London, age 59. Demonstration in Sahasrara Hall in Yoga Vidya Ashram Germany. Without explanations – you can learn by doing. Narayani is one of the most popular teachers at Yoga Vidya.

Beginners Yoga Class 10 Minutes

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New Energy and Relaxation with this 10 minutes Beginner’s Yoga Class. Sun salutation, shoulderstand, fish, forward bend, cobra, relaxation. Suited for daily practice for anybody who is either in good physical shape or has some previous knowledge about Yoga. Presented by Sukadev and Lisa of Yoga Vidya.